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Frequently asked questions

  1. Why do you require a drop off and pick up time during business hours?
    Being a family operated, 10 acre dog farm requires alot of work. There can be times we are mowing, doing laundry, or making a meal. We don’t like for our clients to be waiting or looking for us around the farm. If we have an idea when your coming we can be waiting for you. We have a regular schedule when we work with the dogs, and this allows us to maintain our household chores also.

  2. Do the dogs all play together?
    NO, we don’t do a doggy daycare style of play times.
    Can my dog play with other dogs?
    When owners request that their dog play with others, we let them play with our dogs. Since we know their temperment and trust their behavior. The dogs can also see each other at the fence and play that way safely.

  3. How many employees do you have?
    From the beginning of the business, the staff has been Laurie the owner, with dauther Tiffany as the manager. For most of the time there has been only one or two other employee’s to help let them have a day off. Living on the property has made it easier to operate.

  4. Does our dog have to be spayed or neuturd?
    No, that’s not a requirement at our facility.

  5. How many can your kennel hold?
    We are zoned for 50 housings, however, we only have 20 indoor/outdoor runs. Smaller numbers call for happier dogs.

  6. How long do the dogs get to play outside?
    It varies. Some of our boarding guests go out to potty and go right back in. Others guests choose to play with us, play with toys, sunbath, or just sniff around. If they don’t like the play pen we’ll take them on a leash walk around the farm for their excercise time.

  7. Why are your rates so low?
    Our last rate increase was in January 2011. We charge what we would like to pay for boarding our own dogs.

  8. What should I bring with my dog?
    You can bring anything you’d like or leave everything at home. We suggest bringing something that has your smell from home, like a towel, sheet, or shirt. But if you forget we have everything your dog could possibly need.

  9. Where are you located?
    Sandy, OR. We are three miles from the 7-Eleven, off of Coalman Rd. | Kennel# 503-668-3212
44420 SE Coalman Rd, Sandy, Oregon

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