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  • Hours: Sunday-Saturday 9-12 3-6, our services are scheduled by a drop off or pick up time. Clients are welcome to come any time during business hours. We prefer a heads up to make sure our gate is open and we are waiting for our customers. We keep the gate closed for security, which is most important during the off season.
  • Shot Requirements: DHLP, RABIES, and BORDATELLA. We require proof of these shots before your dog can be allowed to enter the facility. NO EXCEPTIONS. (Some vets are no longer giving corona, that’s ok. Also some don’t want to give vaccines to very old, or ill dogs, just let us know and we’ll give your vet a call.) We are happy to call the vet and get your shot expiration dates, this way you don’t have to worry about bringing us a receipt. Should you be one that does your own shots, you will need to bring the store receipt, date given, with the bottle label stuck on the receipt.
  • Feeding Time: We feed Kirkland Chicken and vegetables. We’ve tried several different kinds of dog food over the years. This brand seems to work best for all the different breeds we have visiting us. If your dog is on a special diet, we suggest you bring your own food. We feed per your instructions. There is no extra charge for giving medications, or feeding requirements.
  • Facility: PLK provides indoor/outdoor runs, it’s either concrete or tile where the dogs rest. Our facility is climate controlled. The runs are covered, heated, and air conditioned. We have different sizes for different sized families. Large playpens surrounding the kennel. Our dogs are let out to play on a regular schedule. EACH HOUSING BY THEMSELVES! However we have been known to let guests play with our own dogs upon request. Our turn out schedule is 7am, Noon, 4pm, and then bedtime around 9pm (bedtime earlier in the winter). We have an open set up with our boarding guests being able to see us. This helps them to not feel like they are being left alone.
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